The Re-Roofing Process

Step 1

Getting Ready

We start the re-roofing process with a coordinated and efficient set up of our equipment.

  • TRAILER AND DUMP –  We use our modular cap truck to transport our tools to your home.
  • THE DUMP – Our mobile dump bin is used to transport the old roofing material to a city recycling center.
  • CRANE – A crane lifts the new roofing material onto the roof.
  • RIPPING – The old roofing materials are removed and the roof deck is swept clean of all debris.
  • NEW MATERIALS LOADED – The new materials are loaded onto the roof in strategic positions to ensure they do not fall off or damage the roof trusses.
  • WOOD REPLACEMENT- We check the viability of the wood deck to ensure it is an acceptable nailing surface. We replace any rotten or damaged decking before installing underlayments. Once the deck if fully ready to receive the new materials, we begin the process of installing underlayments.

Step 2

Prepping The Deck

With our well-trained, expert, full-time employees, we install GAF Stormguard the first six (6) feet from your eaves as well as any “potentially weaker areas” on the roof that present possible future water problems. For example, we use GAF Stormguard around plumbing and air vents as well underneath valleys and along adjacent walls. 

The remainder of the decking receives a breathable synthetic underlayment called Deck Armor. Once the underlayment is in place, we install Drip Edge at the eaves (and gable ends, if desired) and Weatherblocker starter strips along the eaves, gables, and valleys.

Step 3


We install the metal valleys on top of the GAF Ice and Water Shield, using a precise process to ensure that water flows properly and that potential ice problems are minimized. We use chalk lines to ensure a precise shape and angle to the valleys and these specific lines will act as a guideline for the installation of the shingles.

Step 4


Once the deck is fully prepared – that is, once there is no possible way for water to penetrate this protective layer resting on the wood decking – we begin to install the Timberline HDZ shingles. These GAF shingles are an exceptional product, providing much needed improvements over the old style of organic paper-based shingles.

Step 5



We install new wall flashing and caulk the vents, plumbing stacks and any other such areas that might allow water to penetrate the decking.


Site supervisors check and re-check the quality of the work done by our installation crew, who carries out the detailed work, and the ground crew works on cleaning the grounds to achieve a cleanup “better-than-when-we-arrived.” 

The job is never complete until a final inspection of the property is performed by a manager or supervisor and you tell us are completely satisfied with your new roof. 

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