While we try to install roofs as soon as possible after signing, during the busy season it could take 4-6 weeks to have it installed. If there is ever a concern while you are waiting for installation day, you can contact us and we can send a technician over to temporarily patch or seal problem spots.

Generally, roofs are installed in the order they are purchased. However, in special circumstances we are happy to do our best to arrange a faster install date if your roof is in critical condition.

We will move any breakables from our workspace, install tarps around the property, place plywood over the garage doors, air conditioners, gas meters and protect any part of your home that could be damaged by falling debris. Once we are done we will clean everything up.

Markelangelo’s believes no job is done until our customers are happy with our service. We inspect the property for pre-existing damage and document it with pictures and/or video. If there is new damage present after we are done with the work, we will work hard to make it right.

In most cases, no. Old insulation might be old, but it is still insulating your home! If it is compromised by moisture or animal waste, we will remove it. If it contains dangerous substances we recommend having it tested for asbestos and contacting a professional abatement team to remove it before we install new insulation. But in the majority of homes, we simply perform the preparation work in your attic, and install our new fiberglass right on top!

The biggest difference between cellulose and fiberglass insulation is the material it’s made from! Cellulose is old recycled paper that is treated with borate to provide fire resistance. It tends to settle over time so what is installed today won’t be what is there years from now. With fiberglass it never settles and has no toxic chemicals for fire resistance! Cellulose insulation is very dusty and dirty while being installed, whereas fiberglass doesn’t create a big mess! There are many pros and cons to both types of insulation, the best way to get answers to your questions is by speaking directly with one of our specialists!

Metal vents are less durable (prone to hail denting) and the paint colour slowly fades over time. The Duraflo Proventilator is made from a strong, UV resistant plastic called polypropylene. It is extremely durable and resists whatever mother nature can throw at it, with one exception; these vents are not able to withstand the determination of racoons and squirrels. In areas prone to animals, we always recommend using the metal vents. But whenever possible we prefer to use Duraflo Ventilators for their excellent functionality and appearance. Please ask our specialists which vent is right for your home!

We accept all forms of check, e-transfers and Visa or Mastercard. You’re also welcome to pay using cash, however we do not accept “cash under the table” deals. We still collect the HST on all payments made by cash.

Yes and No! Some customers prefer to be away so they don’t have to listen to the noise we generate when working on your roof! However if we are working inside your home then we will need to have someone let us in and lock up after we leave. If you have to go to work, you can leave us a key and we can hide it when we’re done. Or you might have a neighbor or family member who can let us in and lock up.

A roof is more important than our cars, our boats and our toys. Our cars, boats and toys all benefit from regular maintenance and oil changes and your roof requires and deserves the same attention!

Your roof is exposed to the fury of Mother Nature and isn’t invincible. This is why we encourage regular maintenance and tune-ups. We suggest maintenance to be performed on your roof every 5-10 years to ensure it’s as beautiful as the day it was installed. When you hire Markelangelos for maintenance check ups, we inspect the entire roof, fix anything that needs to be fixed, update the caulking where needed and generally give your roof some TLC.

If you have an older roof that you don’t want to replace, a tune-up can often prolong the life of the roof a few more years!

We make every effort to dispatch our crews quickly during emergency weather events. Sometimes we can arrive the same day, sometimes it will take a couple of days for us to get to you. We always attempt to triage our emergency calls and provide service depending on the severity of the leak/damage.

During normal weather when it is not an emergency, typical turnaround time for simple repairs is 2-5 days.

Have questions?

With decades of both shingle and flat roof experience, our team of specialists are always ready to help. Contact us today and we’ll will be happy to visit your home and provide you with a free, no pressure, roofing consultation. 

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