Signs It’s Time For New Attic Insulation

…and what to expect from a quality installer. One of the most popular questions we get asked by Ottawa homeowners is, “How do I know if my insulation is actually working?” We get why it’s confusing — it’s out of sight and when inspected by the untrained eye, just looks like a bunch of fluff. […]

Letter of Gratitude

Dear Markelanelo’s Roofing, It has taken until now to write this letter of gratitude for the amazing roof I received in July but better late than never I have heard so here goes! Every inclement weather day since July we are reminded how grateful we are for our phenomenal new roof. As the cool fall […]

Everything Ottawa homeowners need to know about attic insulation

Hint: It does more than keep in heat! If you live in-and-around Ottawa, you know our winters call for cold weather. On those particularly frigid days, do you find yourself debating between turning up the heat (and dealing with the expense) or opting for yet another thick sweater in an effort to keep your heating […]